Fire & Burglary

This form of insurance designed to cover insured properties whilst at specified locations and is essential for all types of properties whether personal or commercial.

All moveable/immovable properties, which are broadly categorized as follows whilst at specified locations, can be covered under the above Policy:

  • * Buildings
  • * Plant & Machinery, Equipment & Accessories
  • * Stock in trade
  • * Other Contents such as Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, Office Equipments

There are two options of cover available under this category to insure property:

The basic cover under Fire Policy is for loss or damage to propeProperty Insurancerty die to Fire and Lighting only.

The second option is to cover loss &/or damage to property due to Fire, Lightning, Burglary plus a host of Allied Perils such as:

  • * Storm, Tempest and Flood
  • * Bursting of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes
  • * Aircraft Damage
  • * Impact Damage
  • * Explosion
  • * Riots And Strike
  • * Malicious Damage
  • * Earthquake, Tsunami

This policy covers loss or damage to property due to theft following forcible entry into or exit from the premises.

The policy is extended to cover Business Interruption Insurance:

A fire or an insured peril might do very little material damage to the buildings or the contents, yet the interruption of business might be very serious.

Consequential Loss Ppolicy:

Indemnifies the insured for Loss of Net Profit, Standing Charges and increase in Cost of Working Expenses resulting from an accident identifiable under the underlying Fire & Allied Perils or Property All Risks Insurance Policy.

It is important to select the Indemnity Period (for a period 3/6/12 months or more) during which the business can be restored to its pre-loss position following a loss.

Householders Insurance:

This is a comprehensive blanket insurance policy covering different types of risks relating to household properties such as fire and allied perils, burglary, electronic equipment, plate glass, medical expenses, third party liability, all under a single policy.